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Round Bars

Round bars are sure to make you spell-bound by their strength and durability. It’s all because of the effective qualities of round bars – high tensile strength, ductility, bend ability and better fatigue strength.

Size: 6mm – 32mm

Deformed Bars

Deformed Bar is normally having surface deformations, to use in reinforcing concrete, also known as reinforcing steel which is a common steel bar, and is commonly used as a tensioning device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures holding the concrete in compression.

Size: 8mm – 32mm

Grades: FE 415, FE 500 & FE 550

Flat Bars

Flat bars are mainly use for general engineering and fabrication jobs.

Size: 12 X 3mm to 300 X 25mm

Bright Bars

Types of Bright Bars are Bright Flat Bars, Bright Round Bars, Bright Square Bars and Bright Hexagon Bars.

Bright Round : 6mm to 70mm
Bright Square : 8mm to 63mm
Bright Flat : 2 X 3mm to 100 X 25mm
Bright Hexagon : 16mm to 75mm

Square Bars

It is mainly used for engineering component, forging industries, grill fencing etc.

Size: 8mm to 160mm

Wire Rod

Wire rods are suitable for a wide range of applications such as Fasteners, Steel wires, etc.

Size: 5.5mm to 16mm