Iron & Steel

Iron & Steel

Beams & Columns are structural steel products of various shapes and characterized by their profile (the shape of their cross-section), their length and their material.

Size: 100 X 50mm to 900 X 300mm

Hollow Section is a type of metal profile with a hollow tubular cross section. The shapes available are Rectangular and Square.

Square Hollow Section: 12 X 12mm to 400 X 400mm
Rectangular Hollow Section: 19 X 9mm to 400 X 300mm

The most common types of Steel Channels are U-Channels and C-Channels. These are commonly used in various fabrication industries.

Size: 50 X 25mm to 380 X 100mm

Types Available:
  • U Type
  • Z Type
  • Straight Web Section
They can be formed either "Hot Rolled" or "Cold Rolled".
We offer durable and high strength Mild Steel Angles, which is available in desired specifications as offered by the clients.
Types Available:
  • Equal Angles
  • Unequal Angles

Equal Angles : 20 X 20mm to 250 X 250mm
Un Equal Angles : 65 X 40mm to 200 X 150mm